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Frank Runacres 1904-1974 (Biography)

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This page last updated January 24, 2018 Photograph of Francis David Runacres (1904-1974)  with Lily, (Lilian Martha Holbrook) married May 19, 1928 at Islington Register Office. Frank Runacres at the Barbican Loft

Photograph of Lily and Frank Runacres,

Summer 1930   (Frank was 25 years old

and married to Lily for two years, Lily was 31)

Lillian Runacres is on the right.

Frank Runacres work included: landscapes often showing farm buildings; boats on rivers land or sea and other riverine scenes; bridges and people on or near bridges; beach and coastal scenes; farms and farm buildings; houses and urban views; harbours and seascapes; a few still life, some nudes and and very few portraits; old machines and farm equipment; sketches and unfinished works; and a few interiors and woodland and tree paintings.

This website groups his paintings by those topics, although sometimes a painting will feature in more than gallery.

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