Our first few days were in and around the Mountain Inn in Moshi.  During this time first Paul and his work associate Kwame joined us and then Oscar flew in from Ghana. Here we explored George's old haunts and some of the places Frances and I visited back in 1968 with our small children.

We arranged the safari through Shah Tours. George and Harshit Shah go back a long way from George's early days in Moshi. So when we arrived late at night at the Mountain Inn there was Harshit (on left) to greet George (on right). Harshit gave us the best two rooms at the Inn and invited us to join him for a drink at the bar. Very welcoming after a 7 hour flight to Amsterdam followed by an 8 hour flight to Kilimanjaro airport and then a one hour ride in the vehicle Shah Tours sent to pick us up at the Kilimanjaro airport.

The Mountain Inn is a few miles outside of Moshi and is a relatively inexpensive hotel with decent rooms, a dining room, bar and pool. It is popular with people getting ready for or recovering from a climb up Kilimanjaro.

The group in the photo had recently finished their climb and were glad for some R&R before flying home. Shah Tours provide guides and other services for those wanting to climb the mountain or go for a game park safari.

We were here for the safari not for the climb and to meet up with Paul and Oscar and revisit the scenes of George's time in the Moshi area.

On our second evening Harshit took George and I to the Moshi Club where we joined him and his friends for a walk around he golf course with Kilimanjaro in the background. After our walk we shared a beer at the club and then I learned that they had a snooker table and one of Harshit's friends was a keen player. I have been playing pool recently in the US but grew up on snooker in the UK and love the game. So I was happy to play it again.

Especially since I won!

After Paul Psychas had finished his conference in Arusha he joined us in the Mountain Inn and we hired a taxi driver to drive us to Marangu to the sites of Georges youth. As it happens, we also stayed at the Marangu Hotel during one vacation. This photo is of Paul Psychas and George at the bar of the Marangu Hotel where we had lunch. 

This photo is of the Marangu Hotel Gardens. I took the photo because we have an old photo (see below) of Paul and Clare in this garden in 1968.

Most noticeable is that the mountain is obscured by mist here-

but see below.

In this 1968 photo the mountain appears out of the mist.  I think one reason is that the more recent photo was taken mid afternoon while this one was early or late in the day when the mountain tends to appear.
George wanted to find the house where he and Liz lived while at the Teacher Training College at Marangu. Paul had a photo of Liz holding baby Paul with the house in the background and we went up to the college and these young men said they recognized the house and guided us to it. Several photos were taken including the one below.

So 14B is where the famous George Psychas and family lived while teaching at the Marangu TTC.

We also visited the Kibo Hotel and George told us the story of how he bravely rescued people in an overturned bus one evening.

Paul had with him one of his associates from Nigeria (Kwame). George enjoyed debate with Kwame and I was pleased to learn that Kwame means Friday in his language and it is customary to name male children after the day of the week they were born on.

Kwame had to return to Nigeria and so we just needed the last member of our crew (Paul's son Oscar) to join us before we could set out on our Safari to the game parks.

So here are the Fab Four all ready for our safari. We are me, John, Paul, George and Oscar. (We thought of renaming Oscar, Ringo!)

Oscar is a tall 15 year old. Very excited to be on this safari and studying his books on the game we would find. He kept a record of what and how many animals we saw and where we saw them and maintained a point system for each of us in spotting new species. He and Paul were way out in front in this regard with George third and me bringing up the rear.

Shah Tours provided us with a Toyota Landcruiser and a driver, Michael. The vehicle has three seats in back row, two in the middle and the driver and passenger seat in front. So, effectively, six seats plus the driver. We were four plus the driver which was great as we could stretch out and the vehicle also comes with observation hatches over the second and third row seats so the passengers can stand and view the animals more easily. Note too the air intake to allow the vehicle to drive through deep water. In the parks a canopy is erected above the hatches for shade.
Here we are in full safari mode.
So we headed out from the Moshi Mountain Inn and got as far as the first roundabout in Moshi when we saw Kili looming over the town and so we stopped and took a photo. Then drove on a little until George realized he had left something in our room at the hotel so after a phone call we turned around and went back; braving the remarks about a short safari. But then on we went with only  a little time lost.

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