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Mr. John Edward Binks.


Studio portrait from 1962.

Most of my mother Ivy's photos of her father and mother were lost during the bombing of their house.  This one, taken when he was 75, was in her album.

As the card directly below shows most of the rest of the photos we have of him and the family come from his London area relatives although Trish is now living in New Zealand but obtained a number of photos from her mother Edith (Eda or Edie) Brooks nee Binks.

I also have a select few from Dorothy Denver (Eda's other daughter) and my cousin. She provided ones she thought would round out the record. Cousin Helen provided the last 11 photos.


My Cousin:

Originally Patricia Brooks. Daughter of Edith Binks and Bill Brooks.  Later became known as Trish. Married Bill Davis and eventually moved to New Zealand. When my brother Charles was researching the life of our grandfather J.E. Binks he learned that Trish had some old memorabilia. This card explains how she got some of these photos.

Later on we found that her sister Dorothy had inherited many other photos.


J.E Binks on left as a youngish man. Probably at a union conference.

We don't know the man on the right. Could be a family friend Mr Richardson see first of Helens photos.


Image of J.E. Binks (Eddie) from somewhat later in his career. Note the watch chain which was an integral part of his business attire.

The watch and chain is remembered by most of his grandchildren along with a custom of giving them a half crown coin when he visited. (Half a crown would be about 3% of a typical weekly salary at the time)

Certainly a nice present for a child!


Edith Clara Morgan, first wife of John Edward (Eddie) Binks and parents to Edie, Ivy and Eddie. Edie married Bill Brooks.

Ivy married Kenneth Shawcross and, Eddie married Pat.


Back from left:

Ivy Binks

Grandma, (unknown man)


Front from left:

Granny Morgan;

Eddie;  perhaps Aunt Ethel but we are not sure;

Bill Brooks

Edie Binks


Edith Clara Morgan first wife of John Edward Binks. Mother to Edith, Ivy and Edward.

Edith Clara Morgan first wife of John Edward Binks.  
Eddie Binks with his mother  Edith Clara Binks and John Edward Binks  
Grandad, Mum (Edie) and Grandma with Eddie at the back.   G
Grandma Binks, Bill Brooks, Edie Brooks and John (Eddie) Binks at back.  
Wedding invitation for Edith (Edie) and William (Bill) Brooks.  Note receptions at what was at that time a very good establishment. the Regent Palace Hotel.  

Edith and William Brooks Wedding


Bill and Eda.


Edith and William Brooks Wedding Left to Right:

Bridesmaid; ? Groom Bill Brooks;

David Brooks (best man); Bride Edith Emma Binks;

Ivy Binks bridesmaid.

Grandma with Patricia (later Trish) in the Summer of 1937.  
Dorothy Brooks with her grandma Edith Clara Binks August 1938.  

Invitation to the 21st birthday celebration of Ivy Binks who became Ivy Shawcross.  Mother to John, Linda and Charles and wife to Kenneth Charles Warburton Shawcross.

Note below on the invitation is by Trish Davis

9 Woodstock Avenue in 1939 home of Edie and Bill Brooks. In photo from left.  Grandad Binks holding Dorothy, Eddie Binks, Ivy Binks, Grandma and Edie Binks. Oh yes and down below I assume that is Pat Brooks who now as Trish Davis sent me this photo 74 years later.  Did you ever think it Trish!  

May 1940 Grandma Binks, Edie Brooks and Dorothy and Pat (Trish)

Ivy, Grandma, Grandad and Eddie.  

Grandma Binks writing from Trinder Road where she was killed in October 1940 by a German bomb.  Setting up a meeting with her daughter Edie; after Edie married Bill Brooks. Note below letter by Trish Davis.


Note at the bottom of this letter from Trish Davis.  

Eddie and Pats Wedding Day 1948.

From Left

Edie Brooks hand on Bessie Binks (JEB's 2nd wife)

shoulder. Bill Brooks behind. Dorothy, John Shawcross, Linda S., Pats mother?, Ivy S., Eddie and Pat,

On the right of photo:

Grandad Binks standing behind Pat Brooks. Others not known or guesses


L to R:

Eda Brooks;

Bessie Binks;

Standing Bill Brooks; Sitting right John (Eddie) Binks and seated on grass Trish Brooks with dog Skip. (or was it dog Susie by this time?)

At 9 Woodstock Ave. Harold Park Essex home to Bill and Edith Brooks.  Grandad Binks playing cricket with Bill Brooks batting and Dorothy attempting to field the ball.  

At 9 Woodstock Avenue.

From left George, Pats boyfriend, Pat sitting on lawn, Dorothy, Bill Brooks and Grandad Binks.

Summer 1955

Same day I assume; but with Pat, Dorothy, Edie and Grandad. 1955  

The Great Aunts in 1956. Grandma Morgans sisters.

From the left:

Lottie, Kate, Laurie and Ethel. Grandma Binks other sister, Alice was living in South Africa. (We think Pietermartizburg)

She did come to England one time and there was great excitement with all the family going down to the docks to greet her.


Taken in 1957:

Mrs Giles; Dorothy Brooks; Grandad Binks; Bill Brooks; standing with dog Susie is Trish Brooks.


Mrs. Giles and Edith Brooks August 1957

Taken in Dover in 1958
Back Row ( left to right), William Brooks and John Edward Binks.
Front Row, Mrs. Giles, Grace, Aubrey.
Grace and Aubrey were Edith's best friends at the time.
September 1960 Trish holding Sally Anne then two weeks old and Grandad Binks visiting his first great grandchild.  At 89 North Street Hornchurch Essex.  


Edie Brooks, Eddie Binks and Mrs Giles.


French Soccer Team. 1962

Cheminots Atheletiques du Paris Nord are introduced to their hosts before the match with Deepdene House at Raynes Park.

Grandad Binks doing the honors!


Cousin Helen,

Eddie Binks daughter provided some additional photographs; see below with her comments in blue;

I think 1914 as I think Aunty Edie is the baby being held by John Edward.  A man called Mr Richardson is at the front of the picture

Great Grandma Morgansometime early 20s  

Great Grandma Morgan in garden (probably Trinder Road)

Bournemouth 1925 (my Dad with Clara)  

Seaside sometime late 20s early 30s


Uncle Bill, Dad and Grandad my guess looking at Dad that this was taken early 30s

Aunty Ivy, Grandad and my Dad in Interlaken Switzerland, probably around 1933  

1934 Tea and sandwich in deckchair on the beach.


1934 Thorpe Bay


   Hearne Bay 1935


Grandad and Clara

place unknown.