The McCaffry family 2014 celebration in Florence

and John and Frances' vacation in Rome and Istanbul

The McCaffry seniors (Theresa, Sheila, Frances, Anthony and Michael) and their spouses celebrated major age and marriage milestones by getting together in Florence in late summer 2014.

John and Frances decided that they would also continue the vacation in Rome and Istanbul. So from August 29th 2014 to September 12 we were in Florence with the McCaffry family; from September 12 to 19 we were in Rome and from September 19 to 24 we were in Istanbul.

John and Frances took over 1600 photographs mostly with Frances' camera. We can't show all the photos here but have selected some to give an impression of our month in Italy and Turkey.


Here we all are, in order of McCaffry seniority

Theresa and Mike
Bryan and Sheila
Frances and John

Nina and Anthony

Anthony also prepared an excellent essay titled "Ten go to Tuscany", please click the hightlight to read it .

Barbara and Michael

Florence and Rome have so much magnificent art and Istanbul has wonderful mosques that all I can do is to present our better photos and some personal favorites . I'm sorry if your favorite images are not here! But dear family, I can add some of your photos if you send me say your five or ten favorite images from Florence.

Our photos are on three pages which you can see by clicking the highlighted text below.

With the McCaffry family in Florence and Tuscany.
Frances and John in Rome
Frances and John in Istanbul.