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I am going to use this page for photos of some ancestors to John and Frances

and our children and grandchildren (dare I hope for great grandchildren!)

 John's Shawcross Great Grandparents,

Charles Rogerson Shawcross and Sarah Pimlott 

Photo thought to have been taken on their 50th wedding Anniversary (married 12 June 1882)

John's, Binks Grandparents John Edward Binks and Edith Clara Binks (Morgan) (See 

Note due to WWII bombing of the home that killed John's grandmother few family photos survive.  A few were in the possession of family members (see the web site listed above).

Frank McCaffry and Winifred Runacres Wedding June 6, 1935.
Winifred (Runacres) McCaffry and Frank McCaffry in Southwell Nottinghamshire England

Mary (Doherty) McCaffry  age about 40 with her only child Francis Thomas McCaffry

(Frances' father). F.T. McCaffry was born in Glasgow October 5, 1909

Four and a half year old Winifred Runacres (Frances' mother), with from the left her mother Margaret (Keating) Runacres, her father James Runacres and her maternal grandmother Catherine Keating. (Grandma nee Clare Murray)

John Runacers (part photo) is on Margaret's knee. Photo taken July1915.

Frances' paternal grandfather John Thomas McCaffry,1929.

Frances' maternal grandfather          Frances father F T McCaffry, first communion.

James Runacres in WWI RAMC


Frances' grandparent marry.

John T McCaffry and Mary Doherty

John's Shawcross Grandparents marry, Charles Frederick Shawcross and

Edith Alice Warburton

(July 1915)

Frances parents marry:

Frank McCaffry and

Winifred Runacres ( June 1935)

John's parents marry: Kenneth Charles Warburton Shawcross and Ivy Edith Binks (January 1941) John Frederick Shawcross and Frances Elizabeth McCaffry (August 1963)
Paul Shawcross and Andrea Pawley's wedding. With from the left with helmet, :Ean, Pete, Lucy, Max, Frances, John, the bride, the groom, Clare, Annika, Oliver, Mike and Sarah
 Above and below:  Clare, Paul and Frances at the New Africa Hotel Dar es Salaam in 1967

Paul and Andrea 2016 at the wedding reception at the Arena Stage in Washington DC

                Paul and Andrea 2017 at the "Space Prom"                               Paul and Andrea at an event a few years before their wedding
Ken and Ivy Shawcross with John and Frances and Clare, Paul and Lucy at 63 Mystic Valley Parkway, living room.
Four generation photo in England of Winifed McCaffry (Runacres), her daughter Frances Shawcross (McCaffry), her daughter Clare Nosal (Shawcross) and her daughter Annika Nosal.
Mike Nosal and Clare Shawcross
Annika at home
 Sarah at Punta Cana
Clare, Mike and Sarah, I believe on the day it was announced  that Sarah would be able to go to NYU
Oliver at Punta Cana
The Nosal kids
Lucy' wedding party at 63 MVP


Wellesley College June 3, 2005 Commencement and a celebration of her retirement from teaching.


Birmingham University, UK


Brown University,




University of Rochester

John recovering after Uni first year exams! (Selfie with old camera in Ford Prefect using his toe!)
Fudge as a puppy.
Shawcross coat of arms


John and Frances in Majorca on our Honeymoon, August/September 1963


John and Frances in 1964 with their firstborn, Clare Elizabeth Shawcross

            Paul on top of Kilimanjaro                      John, center at holethrough of the MetroWest Tunnel, with other engineers and Doug MacDonald;            John's MWRA retirement poem.

Our first computer (above) was  a Radio Shack TRS 80 Model III 48K with two floppy disk drives.  John bought it as a family Christmas present in 1980 or 81 (with a certain amount of spousal unhappiness that so much had been spent without prior discussion). True at the time its cost of  over $2000 could have bought a lot of nice stuff. It's also true that just he bought it on the way home from work there had been a Christmas party and he was a beer (or two lubricated).  But the early family exposure to a computer was valuable and may have us all later on. After the TRASH 80 (as it was nicknamed by the Apple folks) was replaced by faster models it was stored in the attic but when we moved to Woburn, it was taken to the recycling center (dump).


  Baby Sarah, with sister Annika, father Mike and grandfather John, with mother Clare (hands only)


John and Frances Shawcross; Nanny and Grandad Runacres,  Frank and Winifred McCaffry Nottingham 1963

Shawcross family group at 10 Moss Lane Timpeley. 1981 

Back row from left: Charles, Arlene, Kelvin Jones, John, Frances, Tricia Melville,, Paul;

Middle row from left: Linda, Lucy, Kenneth, Simon Jones, Ivy, Richard, Clare

Front row from the left:: Debbie, Sarah and the dog!

McCaffryy family group in Southwell Nottingham August 1981.

Win and Frank McCaffry with their children Theresa and Mike Pride (plus their kids Catharine, Judith, Jeremy and Tim); Sheila Tunney (plus her and Brian's (not in photo) kids Andrew and Catherine), Frances and John Shawcross (plus Clare, Paul and Lucy), Anthony and Nina McCaffry; (plus Rebecca, Benedict, Philip and Elizabeth). 

Back Row: Nina, Anthony, Frank, John, Timothy, Mike, Jeremy, red head of Sheila, part head of Theresa;

Middle bunch: Andrew, Clare, Winifred, Catherine, Paul, Judith, (in arms Elizabeth), Catherine, Frances;

Front row: Ben, Philip, Lucy, Rebecca

Probably the last time our five grandchildren were able to stand in order of age AND height correctly. Soon I think it will be almost reversed except that Oliver will be in the middle.  We'll see!
Paul, John and Mike  ------------- The year that John ran out of ideas for last minuted Christmas presents for the young men in the family
Michelle and Mark's wedding. With from the left Lucy, Mike, Michelle, Mark and Paul. John used to joke that Michelle was like a third daughter. Mark and Paul were very close too. I think John made the punch and provided the lurid plastic cups which did not help the photo. But it's a great photo on a very happy day.