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In the Fall of 2005 John and Frances went on a six week vacation from Boston through California to Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and back to Boston via San Francisco.  These photos show some things we saw people we met etc.
We started out flying to LA and then driving to the home of our ex. neigbours Wendy and Frank Brophy who have now retired to Oceanside  California.
Frank and Wendy with Frances on Franks yacht the "White Rose of York" (See Franks shirt first photo)
Then we flew on to Hawaii. Here is Frances at Waikiki beach with Diamond Head in the background.
Now we are getting into the swing of things with shirt and all.
Xmas shopping Hawaii style. Click for larger Image.

Umbrella drinks; on the beach in October; definately not Cape Cod.

Click for larger image.

Trish, Frances and John.

In the Auckland area we stayed with my cousin Trish and her husband Bill.  We did a lot a super things but my camera was on the blink so these photos are courtesy of Trish an Bill.  This is sitting on the Waitakere Tramline train waiting to go though the tunnel to visit the dam.  Our visit happened to coincide with the centenary celebrations and Trish set it up for us; a real busmens holiday that gave us a chance to see the train; people, gloworms, the dam and some real tramline enthusiasts.

Bill, John and Frances.

We had dinner at the Sky Tower in Auckland. Absolutely fabulous views out over the harbour in all directions.

Bills yacht the "California Girl" is moored within walking distance of their home.  We sailed out one day with great intentions and a picnic lunch.  However, thanks to strong headwinds we moderated out plans and eventually eat our picnic back at the dock.  But very nice all the same! Later we drove to Shakespear beach where we might have sailed. Dinner at a Thai restaurant and then looking at old family photos.
No, not New Zealand; but Frances left and Denyse right at school together (Wolverhampton) UK.  See below ~ 50 years on!
After leaving my cousin Trish and her husband Bill we went by bus from Auckland to Hamilton where Frances schoolfriend Denyse and her husband Ian met us and drove us to Rotorua.  Here Frances and Denyse stand in front of the hot springs and geyser.  Square miles of it!

Yes I know I should have used the flash but I had camera problems and in its way this was just as good in terms of showing the steam etc. We walked for miles throuth the volcanic fields bit of a pong in places! (Craters of the moon) Denyse told us how this place developed over the years; steam and mud just started coming.

Yes I was dragged up onto the stage and persuaded to perform the HAKA; the Maori war dance in which you attempt to look ferocious. Tongue out is part of the act also eyes should bulge. I am guy on left!
Other parts of the Maori dancing and singing were more elegant. (Click for larger image)
On the road to Otaki from Rotorua we stopped for a photo of Frances and Denyse.  There were many other scenic spots along the way. Too many for this web site to handle.
Ian and Denyse have built a magnificent home with swimming pool and views out to the Tasman sea.
In the other direction their view is of beautiful countryside and when the sun cuts across the hills they stand out in muscular relief.  The house has a magnificent garden but on quite a gradient.  (tough lawn mowing!!)

Ian took us into Wellington with a list of things to see. (It was most generous of Ian to spend any time with us that day since Denyse had a tough hospital visit scheduled.)

We started out on Victoria Hill overlooking the City.

At the other end of Wellington we found the gardens and restaurant at the top of the cable car a pleasant spot to get out breath back.
We ended up at Te Papa the Museum of New Zealand. We could have spent the day in this one building.  Just a quick look was all we could find the time for. Spent the night at Ian and Denyse daughter Viv's house in Wellington.
In the Rotorua zoo we saw the nocturnal kiwi. But here along the road we met his big brother during the daytime.
Queenstown is a beautiful city; similar in some ways to European Alpine locations like Geneva or Lucerne; except with a lot fewer visitors. Mountains in the background are "The Remarkables" which seemed apt.
We ventured up the cable car to where you can go bungee jumping in Queenstown. But we must admit this is as close as we got to the edge.
In fact so close we needed another one to get ready for the ride down. 
These locals serenaded us as we got ready to go down to Queenstown again.
Yes, well this is out of sequence this is NZ West coast "Pancake Rocks"; nice walk along the coast.
This is back on the Wellington to Picton Ferry; a breezy day but a fabulous boat ride.
Frances with Shane "feeding the chickens".
In Shanes inlaws garden in Dunedin
In Dunedin we had a wonderful Guy Fawkes night celebration with Shane (former colleague of Frances from Wellesley College) and her husband and four boys.  This is a little earlier in the day from the hill behind Shanes house.
In Christchurch we enjoyed Breakfast at the Cathedral Cafe; the Cathedral with its British connections; listened to the Town Crier; checked our email at an internet cafe and watched chess.
Same giant set but we also saw similar in Sydney in a really nice setting. 
We drove from Christchurch to the originally French community of Akaroa; stopped at this cafe as we drove into the area and chatted with Texans (blonde woman and husband) who are now living in Australia and really loving it.
After the Texans had us take their picture they returned the favour to us.
Once down in Akaroa John decided to try to get into the Frenchness of the location.  As the next few photos show it was a lovely sleepy town with a beautiful harbour.
On the Akaroa pier looking back to Town.
On the way back to Christchurch looking back at the Akaroa area. Well worth the 50 mile trip from Christchurch.
In Melbourne Frances cousin Tony and his wife Pat came up to show us around the City.  Including finding an elusive Digeridoo for Pauls 40th birthday.
Here I am with my Aussie Hat; New Zealand vest and Hawaiian shirt.  OK so I forgot to pack a few things!
In Perth we stayed with our niece Sarah, husband Steve Cooke and childen Zoe and young Daniel.  Here are Sarah, Zoe and Daniel walking though the park on our way to a coffee shop where Zoe has been promised a "baby chino".
Baby Chino! A junior Cappuccino available at many coffee shops in Australia. Warm frothed milk sprinkled with chocolate.  A bargain a $3!
Yes its a bit overexposed but I thought this photo of Sarah and Daniel taken at the Perth zoo was worth keeping even if not technically the best. (Spot on Sarahs nose is probably one of those pesky bush flies that come at some times of the year in parts of Aussie.
In Perth we got to know our great neice Zoe and nephew Daniel. Yes we had seen lots of photos from Theresa and Sarah but it was nice to meet them for real.
Zoe on her trampoline
A pensive Daniel
Now we are Aussies on our way to Freemantle.
A very nice comfortable boat for the cruise from Perth to Freemantle.
Church square in th centre of Freemantle.
Millionaires row on the Swan River down to Freemantle.
Our first day in Sydney was windy, rainy and cold.  Not at all what we had expected.  But a raw day seemed fine for the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
We much enjoyed walking arond the Sydney Harbor area; taking a ferry to Manley (recommendation of Theresa and Mike Pride) and in the evening going to a modern ballet (by Jiri Kilian) at the Opera House. Fabulous night harbour and city views during the intermission.
Johns first car was a 1949 Ford Prefect (present from his parents in parents in 1960) it was originally green and John handpainted it brilliant blue.  But this model in Freemantle caught his eye!
John in the ocean off Denarau Islan Fiji
We sailed out to the little island in the background and went swimming see below.
We almost had the island to ourselves (one other couple and a caretaker; oh yes and the a dog.
The Bula Bus a part of our Fiji vacaton.( Bula means hello, welcome, good morning etc.)
Our very nice hotel room in Fiji with a great view out over the ocean.
In the botanical garden in Fiji.
Saw some terrific sunsets on Fiji.
See what I mean.
Barbara and Michael took us on a ride though wine country.
At Rohnert Park California with Michae and Barbara we were fortunate to be able to join in the family Thanksgiving celbrations.