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Arusha and Nungwi Zanzibar

After the end of our game safari.  We stayed at the African Tulip Hotel in Arusha.  It was nice with very helpful staff. In Arusha we the fab four split into two groups.

At some unearthly hour of he morning Paul and Oscar left to return to Ghana via Nairobi.  George and I had the best part of a day in Arusha to explore before flying to Zanzibar.

We walked from the African Tulip Hotel into Arusha.  Not far into our walk the guy in the photo adopted us and wanted to show us around.   So we did a walking tour of Arusha which has grown very much since George and I were last here.

Stopped in a cafe (see photo) for refreshment. We went into the famous "Arusha Hotel" and I won a couple of dollars in the Casino

Then we walked back into town stopping at the Precision Air offices and finding that our flight was now 2 hours later.  At the airport the plane was further delayed so we got into Zanzibar some 3 hours later than planned.  I was pleased to see my name on a sign in the airport for our transfer to Nungwi.

George enjoyed a chance to catch up on the newspapers.  I should say that I was quite impressed by the number of papers available both in English and Swahili.  

Sometimes the press was quite critical of the Government.   A good sign of a free ish country

A catholic priest had been shot dead a few days before we arrived.  So our drive from the airport in the dark up to Nungwi was interrupted several times by roadblocks.  Not significant delays but a reminder of the tensions between Christians and the 97% Muslim Zanzibari population.

We got to the Mnarani Beach cottages just in time for late supper.

The room was nice with beds on two levels, two single on the ground level and one double bed upstairs.  Fan and AC provided.  But the steady breeze off the sea made neither necessary at night.  We had breakfast and dinner at the hotel restaurant and it was always good.

We had four nights in Nungwi. The hotel had a nice pool to cool down or get the salt and sand off your body.

George and I soon got into a routine of latish breakfast followed by a walk along the beach.

Light lunch either at a hotel or beach bar and then back for a lazy afternoon.  Followed by dinner! So tiring!

We enjoyed chatting with the other guests. Mostly Swedish, Dutch or German.  There were three young women (German, French and Mexican) from Nairobi (one a water engineer) who were down in part to be out of Kenya during the elections

The next bay to our North was the village of Nungwi.  Home to quite a large fleet of small fishing boats.  One evening we were passing the village area and came across several hundred villagers dancing to recorded music with big speakers. 

The men danced in one group and the women in a separate group nearby.


Between our hotel and the village was the old Nungwi lighthouse the most Northern part of Zanzibar. (See photo)

My Zanzibar guide book for Nungwi suggested taking a taxi to Kendwa a small village a few miles South of Nungwi on the West coast and walking back to Nungwi along the beach.

So we did that starting out at this hotel complex where we stopped for a coffee.


We visited several hotels and enjoyed the beach as shown below.

The sand was perfect for walking and the tide was at about mid tide and coming in.  So in a couple of places we had to take off our shoes and walk in the water.  Never more than six inches or so. 
This is a pool in one of the more upscale hotels.  The two Masai guards at the entrance to the hotel from the beach wanted to stop us until we explained that we just wanted to buy a cup of coffee and after George went into his routine of telling them that his daughter was born in Moshi and so he is really a Chagga.  I chimed in with my daughter born in Dar es Salaam.  Nobody would believe how long it was since we were in Tanzania.  But before long we were the best of friends. George always topped it off with "kazi mingi, mshahara kidogo".  (Lots of work little pay) which went down well.  Also his story about Uhuru na kazi (Freedom and work) as proposed by Nyerere was popular.

Women were advised to have respect for the Muslim dress code.

Few did!

We came across this disaster in progress.  It was happening at the same time as all the villagers were dancing.  We reckoned if the owner had got the dancers to pull on the ropes the boat could have been pulled up on shore. 

That's the end of the Nungwi Zanzibar section.   You can look at the Stone Town or Dar photos by clicking on the links below.

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